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tv   Today  NBC  March 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. happy winesday wednesday, everybody. it is march the 9th, a you are listening to "she's in love with a boy" by trishia yearwood. >> i have the whole cd. >> back in the day. >> first, we love everything about her. she's a grammy-award winning country superstar. she tweeted last night -- i don't know if you saw this -- she had an empty glass. >> i saw this. >> she tweeted, i'm going to kathie lee and hoda. i want to fill this baby up. we promised her that we would
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fill up her glass when she gets here. she's starring in a live tv musical called "the passion." she'll tell us more about it. it happens live in new orleans. it's a musical, and it'll be amazing. >> on the streets of new orleans. and coming up, hoda and i had this crazy experience yesterday. you'll get goose bumps when you see this. hollywood medium to the stars tyler henry is here. he sat down with us for a reading. we're scared to see it. we haven't seen the pieces. but we saw each other afterwards -- and we ate lots of chocolate. you know when you're emotional and want to get under the covers -- >> you comfort eat. >> we're going to meet him and talk to him. also, dedicated to all the ladies out there. but let's start with the words of wisdom. in line with what jenna and i experienced yesterday with the hollywood medium. here they are. there are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from
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your dreams and hug them for real. i think we've all had that feeling in our lives. when you miss someone and dream of them. if i had five more minutes with them. anyway -- >> it can help you live life to the fullest. >> yes. feel better after that. >> every day is not a given. live every moment to the fullest. >> right. >> i think that's what this experience made us realize. >> we should point out, we were spectacle going into it. everyone is going to make their own decisions but we'll show this later on. now, it's national crab meat day. we're celebrate with crab cakes from the maryland office of tourism. and the iron rooster restaurant in maryland. >> we don't know exactly -- this is like a triple decker crab cake. >> it's got a baked one, fried one and looks like a patty on the -- >> fried green tomato. >> i don't think i've ever had one. >> never had a fried green tomato? >> let's have it all together. >> i don't know if i can make the whole bite. >> the crab cake is -- oh, wow.
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hold on. nothing better than -- >> than breaking a cleanse with fried green tomato. >> really good. >> i like the patty on the bottom. >> okay. oh, goodness. >> you guys, it's winesday wednesday. on wednesdays, we do the wine bot. you don't know what this is. go to twitter. you hashtag me or jenna. >> or you or kathie lee, and i'm standing in for kathie lee? >> hashtag jenna. >> okay. >> here's the question. you'll agree with me or jenna. who do you think -- hand me those real quick. who do you think ben higgins will choose on the "bachelor"? is it going to be -- is it going to be lauren b., which is who
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you think, or jojo? i think it'll be jojo. you think lauren b. >> so we're not exactly sure why, but she said yesterday, because jojo was wearing green -- >> i like her and i wore green to be in solidarity with who i chose. >> i dyed my hair blonde to be like lauren b. >> we want you to see who is going to win. tweet us at kl and hoda. tell us if you think jojo or lauren is going to be the one to get the proposal. >> every time someone tweets, what happens? >> wine comes out of that. see what's happening? >> there's jenna. keep going, team jenna. >> it'll happen -- and i never won a wine bot, but we have a feeling that everybody knows it's going to be jojo. >> team jenna, come on. the red, you can see it more. >> so sad.
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if you were home last night, maybe you watched "the voice." they had the blind auditions that continued. there was a singer named joe may, and he sang, "i put a spell on you," and got a chair turn from christina and blake. second time on the show. he didn't make it last time. look what happened when christina and blake started fighting over him. take a look. >> that is one of my favorite songs in the whole world to sing. i'd love to sing that with you. >> why don't you? why don't you? >> you're a dead man, blake. ♪ because you're mine ♪ you're mine ♪ baby, you better stop
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♪ i love you ♪ christina, i put a spell on you ♪ ♪ you put a spell on me ♪ cause you're mine ♪ baby, i'm yours right now [ applause ] >> you know, i love that. that is called church. that is called -- right? it feels like church. >> don't you wish you could sing like that? >> what just happened? i love stuff like that. >> obviously, he went with team christina. >> don't feel bad for blake. blake dropped a record, a song dropped last night. >> looks like we have another look into blake shelton and gwen stefani's relationship. a few weeks ago, you dissected gwen's lyrics. >> her song was "make me like you."
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assumed they were talking about blake because we can read, blake. it had lyrics like, i was broken but free, alone in the clear view but now i see you. now blake. >> blake shelton's single is here, "came here to forget," which he calls a direct look into my life. >> let's listen. ♪ looks like it's just me and you ♪ ♪ enough to get us through what we're getting through ♪ ♪ keep playing the songs, keep singing along ♪ ♪ keep bringing it on ♪ keep salting the rim, getting even with her and with him before the night is over ♪ >> sometimes it's hard to hear the lyrics. >> read it dramatically. >> looks like it's just me and you falling in love. just enough to get it through what we're getting through. >> keep playing them songs. keep singing along. keep leaning in. leaning it on in closer. keep salting the rim. getting even with her and with
10:08 am
him before the night is over. that first kiss was like colorado hit. i don't know what that means. we better keep on keeping it lit. >> drunk. >> till we can't remember. can't remember what we came here to forget. >> forget. anyway, gwen tweeted her support for the song. listen closely to the words. oh, what? >> wait, they've already -- >> wait, wait, wait. >> i like how you -- >> wait. >> full glass. >> i was like, look at mine and look at the poor jenna glass. i realized most people don't think it's going to be jojo. i'll tell you right now, at the end, it doesn't matter because jojo is going down the aisle. >> no. >> while this one is going home quiet. >> lauren b. if she's anything like us, she'll eat some crab cakes. >> look what's happening. look how happy. >> oh. >> oh, how sad.
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oh. anyway, keep the votes coming, wine bots. you're doing great. do you walk into a room and forget why you're there? i don't have to ask hoda this. >> sometimes you walk in -- >> or open the refrigerator. what did i come here for? >> there is a name for this. it's a scientific thing. scientists say any action that has to be thought through on multiple levels if you're going to carry it out successfully, you have a risk of forgetting the whole point of it. >> it's called the doorway effect. it happens when we change both physical and mental environments. moving from room to room. this is the thing, the doorway effect happens to hoda -- it should be called the purse effect. >> it happens in my purse. i opened it up and say, where is it? then, what was i looking for? can't be my id because i'm at home. can't be the keys because i'm in the apartment. as i'm sifting through all this, eventually, you're like, did i want to write something down? >> admit what you found in your purse the other day. >> my home phone?
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>> her home phone was in her purse. >> i must have dropped it. >> you have a dressing room effect, too. >> i need to get it together. yesterday, you remember this, jenna was talking about her cleanse and she looked on one of the beverages she was drinking for her cleanse. how many calories? >> 890. >> i ate the large lifesavers like they're popcorn and i thought each one had 60 calories. each one is 15. when you eat 10 or 20 a day -- >> it's a lot. >> we wondered about calorie counts. >> play a game. >> dry roasted macadamia nuts. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. >> how many calories in the nuts? >> 110. >> 120. 300? >> 200 for this little cup of eight nuts. >> that's not enough for nuts. >> 200 calories. what's next? half cup of raisins. i love raisins. >> you do?
10:11 am
>> yeah. i'll go with 300. i don't know why. >> i'd say 150. >> go. 220. >> okay. right in the middle. >> five kit-kats. >> five minis. >> five fingers. >> gross. >> five fingers. i'd say -- >> how many? >> 350. >> 220. >> 400. >> 210? that's it? >> good, we ate a lot of chocolate yesterday. >> wait a minute, 210 for that? >> that's good. >> this is a mcdonald's breakfast with the hot cakes, egg whites, large, with the hash brown and the biscuits. how much do you think? 1,200. >> 1,500. >> 1,050 calories. >> that's a lot. >> if you're on a diet, that's a lot. >> but the biscuit is buttery and delicious. >> wait, one of our favorite
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people is here. trishia yearwood, we brought you wine. you were tweeting yesterday. >> i'm surprised you have wine. >> isn't it shocking? >> we're on to you, trishia. she's one of our favorite people. so glad you're here. she's going to visit with us in a bit. a lot of women are on diets all the time. what's the percentage? >> 1/3 of women. >> are on diets all the time. >> all the time. >> i feel like i'm always on one. >> why are you on a cleanse? and you eat a crab cake, kit-kat and half of a mcdonald's breakfast. >> you've been on a diet? >> right this second. >> that's what we do. >> i remember being in the third grade. i actually saw this, telling my mom, i wanted to lose four pounds for my new year's resolution. i've been on a diet since 1992? i was a big girl. at camp, i had to stand behind
10:13 am
everybody. or bounce on the trampoline. >> the pyramids, big girls on the bottom. >> i was always on the bottom. we want jenna because she bounces us high. coming up, country star and culinary star. >> trisha yearwood takes on her biggest project, her passion. we'll tell you all the sensational news? new lash sensational luscious mascara from maybelline new york. oil-infused formula softens. fanning brush reveals layers and layers of denser lashes. the full fan effect goes luscious!
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seems like these days, live tv musicals are all the rage. with viewers tuning in by the
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millions, it's easy to see why. >> nbc kicked off the trend with carrie underwood and the "sound of music." then "the wiz" and "grease." >> later this month, live performance of "the passion." jesus christ's final hours on earth will air on fox. >> the production featured an all-star cast, including sale, and my crush since first grade, trisha yearwood, who plays the virgin mary. >> you can't say bad words. >> i can't even at home. trying to cleanse my soul. >> it shot live in new orleans. tell us about the leadup. the rehearsal and stuff that goes into it. >> i've never done anything like this. everybody does different things. we've all recorded our music for the soundtrack separately. none of us met each other. i met sale befoeal before, but this. we get to new orleans a couple
10:18 am
days before and meet for the first time and do a rehearsal for two days. then it's live on sunday. >> how nervous are you? >> beyond nervous. i'm freaking out. >> you need that the day of. we have one of your songs that's a popular song. this is set in modern day time, so the music has a pop way to it. can we listen to it? >> sure. ♪ barely breathing, with a broken hea broken heart that's still beating ♪ ♪ in the pain comes the healing ♪ >> we don't even know what to say. >> this particular song is a song that was recorded and written by powell, a pop group, and i've done several songs for the soundtrack. it was cool, how everybody's song fits. when you hear them on their own,
10:19 am
you kind of go, i don't know about that. but when they're woven into the story, they all work. it's going to be fabulous. >> what did garth think? >> i think he's nervous for me. if you want me to go, i'll go and hold your hand. if you don't want me to go, i won't. >> what do you want? >> i haven't decided. >> he'll be there, right? >> afterwards, you want to let loose. >> yeah, yeah. >> she may not be like us. she is playing the virgin mary. >> well, i mean, you know -- i am going to relax. it is new orleans, so i'm going to definitely -- i'm really nervous. once it's done -- and i mean, i sing live all the time. >> of course. >> never done anything remotely close to this. >> it's going to be great. we understand that you are going to be -- you're playing a little game with us. >> yes. >> do you have a game? >> we don't know what it is. >> i'm going to win. >> we were talking earlier about trivia. trisha trivia. it's multiple choice, so i'm
10:20 am
giving you chances. ready? three questions. the first one -- and all true stuff -- i once had to stop a plane from taking off while on the runway, but i had a pretty good reason. a, because i realized i was on the wrong flight? b, to save a man's life. c, because i was feeling ill? >> b, you saved someone's life. >> it's true. >> i knew it. >> you would have never done it for yourself. >> even if you were sick. >> he got stuck in the cargo hold. as we were backing, he beats on the -- above him. i'm sitting above him and i'm like -- >> someone is down there. >> it was early in the morning. is someone messing with me? i said, i think there is a guy underneath here. >> he probably owns the airline now. >> no wonder you're playing the virgin mary. >> what do garth and i call each other around the house? mr. and mrs. brooks? mr. and ms. yearwood? cj and t.
10:21 am
>> mr. and ms. yearwood. >> i love that. >> don't you wish you could -- can we be invited to your house? >> of course. >> you and garth were my childhood. >> laura bush can come over to the house. >> i'm a little more mischievous than laura, but i'll be clean. >> laura jr. >> "passion" will air palm sunday, march 20th, on fox. the soundtrack is available for preorder right now. >> it'll be huge. from one accomplished woman to more when we play, who knew. wait until you see what happened when jenn plants may have their limits. imagination... doesn't. with the right nourishment, patience, care... one day... have you seen your garden?
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ward off his attackers and potential turning point in the race for president. bernie sanders scores a surprise win over hillary clinton. on our homepage you can link to analysis and results from last night's primaries. we'll check your weather and traffic coming up after the break.
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we're starting off with a lot of clouds, scattered showers and temperatures in the 50s through mid morning and then
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around lunchtime should see upper 50s to low 60s and eventually mid 60s possible around the south bay but still mostly cloudy skies and still ongoing showers likely north of san francisco heading into the afternoon and showers for the north bay starting tomorrow a return of heavier rain friday across the entire bay area we are looking at a lot of rain at times easing off into friday evening and saturday and then more rain due in on sunday. for another check of your commute, here's mike. >> san mateo bridge is well lit. sunshine here but slowing as well. slow about midway across the flat section. i did see one vehicle backing up to get off the span. they might have had trouble. that was enough possibly to kick this off. at the bay bridge we have the fill in for all of the lanes. that shift after 10:00 where they fill in hov lanes starting to move better. low clouds here and more than low clouds in north bay shot. san rafael, mist and still slowing south past san pedro. once you get to lincoln, thinks clear up. back to you.
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>> join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. kris and i will see you then. it's winesday wednesday, and we're celebrating women's history month with a game of who knew? all about the famous females. i'm jenna bush hager in for kathie lee. hoda is at the shop at nbc studios at 30 rock. they're getting after it. ready to hand out $100 to anyone who answers the question correctly. those who don't, well, they're still winners because they get one of hoda's fabulous signed books. here with me is "glamour"'s editorial director. >> talking about the ladies. >> let's talk about the ladies. >> we asked this question, which woman holds the record for the fastest selling book in history. a, harper lee? b, j.k. rowling? c, mary higgins clark.
10:31 am
>> it's b, j.k. rowling. she had the biggest selling book. she sold 11 million copies in the first 24 hours. it was the last book, the last "harry potter" book. of course, it almost didn't get paid. the whole series was rejected by publishers before it got made. >> those people are kicking themselves. >> can you imagine? >> hoda, what do we got? >> what about this book? all right. what is your name, sweetie? >> lauren. >> where are you from? >> des moines, iowa. >> let's play, lauren. finish the lyric to this song by the first woman inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. ready? ♪ forever and ever, stay in my heart ♪ >> do you know it? ♪ forever and stay in my heart >> so sad. but here's the good news! you get a book. >> yay! >> turns out, everybody is a
10:32 am
winner. we were singing it. ♪ stay in my heart and i will love you ♪ >> aretha franklin. she's had an okay career since inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. sang at the inaugurations of three presidents. >> not too shabby. >> hoda? >> casey. >> where are you from? >> austin, texas. >> which of the following items was created by a female inventor. windfield wiper, lego bricks or a toothbrush? >> i'll go with a. >> going with a. >> you won. >> i can't believe you'd get that. >> i would have never have gotten that. >> i wouldn't either. mary anderson from birmingham, alabama. not probably a name you heard of. the tragedy is, she never made a cent off her invention. she had the patent but the
10:33 am
patent expired before windshield wipers were standard. in this case, it didn't pay to be ahead of your time. >> hoda? >> there was a movie about that, i think. what's your name? >> mary lou. >> from? >> new jersey. >> let's go. which is the highest grossing movie directed by a woman? "sleepless in seattle." "pitch perfect 2." "frozen"? >> "frozen." >> yes! >> you have to go with "frozen." >> of course. it's the song that your child is probably singing right now watching the program as she saw it. that song is amazing. the highest grossing disney animated film of all time. beat "the lion king" and it was directed by jennifer leagigh. hopefully there will be more. >> you're one of the fabulous woman. coming up next, hollywood medium tyler henry gets ready to
10:34 am
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with his uncanny ability to connect to those who passed, 20-year-old tyler henry has been blowing celebrities' minds in his series "hollywood medium with tyler henry." >> when he was here, hoda and i were so impressed, we wanted a turn in the seat and got one. >> tyler will join us in a second. he did readings for jenna and me. i think a lot of you know, my dad passed away suddenly when i was in college. there's probably not a single day that goes by that i don't think about him. i always write about him in my journal. i ask if he can see me or hear me. but this is what happened during my first reading. >> okay. >> man is coming through and insisting that he pop? >> okay. >> we'll talk about him.
10:39 am
the amount of love that he has for you is so incredibly immense. immediately, he's wanting to connect to his daughter. is your dad passed? >> yeah. >> okay. immediately, he's wanting to acknowledge the first thing he wants to talk about, there has been a question whether he's seen your success and where you are today. he's saying, tell my daughter, i know that i got to see every single thing that she did. i am so proud of her. because he said when he passed, it was a very -- >> oh. >> you can take a minute. >> he knew it was a big question. he's definitely aware of all of this. so incredibly proud of you. okay. he was joking, has a good sense of humor.
10:40 am
cracking up. >> oh, my god. my mascara is running. >> now, i do not get a reference to mom on the other side. is mom still with us? >> yeah. >> cool. >> who is hannah? >> my niece. >> okay. would it be a male sibling that would have this daughter? >> yeah, brother, right. >> referencing to her as a ladybug. i don't know what this means. there's a reference to a ladybug. it could be if someone dressed up, a nickname, i don't know. >> i'll ask. >> ask what the ladybug connection is with hannah. i'm curious about this other person stopping in. technical technically, two women who passed of breast cancer coming through. one is more strong. she's acknowledging she passed way too soon. >> a young friend of mine who
10:41 am
recent -- i mean, it was so recent. her name is jill conley. in her 30s. i loved her. i loved her. >> she's showing me a symbol that might have to think on, margarita glasses clinging and i feel i'm in a tropical area. >> funny because i did meet her in the cayman islands. we did have a drink, even though we probably shouldn't -- >> she had the biggest smile and references to that being one of the big things she's known for. she was there for you. acknowledging you don't have to worry in the future. >> wow. >> she's giving the reassurance. it's going to be fine. >> that's good. i thought about that a time or to, for sure. wow. oh, my gosh. unbelievable.
10:42 am
>> it was totally unbelievable, what you can do. >> overwhelming for me to watch. >> you kept saying about the ladybug, so i've been calling everybody. i called my brother. this is the picture he sent me last night, right when i got home. there's hannah dressed up in the ladybug. of course i saw that, and i was like, oh, my gosh. we're going to visit some more with you in a second. i think we're going to take a little break right now. then jenna had a reading herself and we'll talk to you on the other side about everything. thank you, tyler. we'll be right look, the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide
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before the break, you saw my reading with hollywood medium tyler henry, who happens to be with us today. >> now, it's my turn. i'm blessed to have three of my grandparents still living. but in 1995, i lost my dear grandfather, herald, who i was very close to. it's been so long since it's
10:48 am
death, so i didn't know if this would work. here's what happened. >> i'm going to go to your mom's side of the family, i think. for some reason, i feel i'm pulled there. i have an older man coming immediately. >> grandpa. >> yeah, he comes very strongly. mom's side, correct? >> mm-hmm. >> immediately, he is so sweet and so connected to you. first thing he's saying is, i want her to know i'm clear mentally. okay. i don't know why this is coming across. >> he had alzheimer's. that's the picture i have right here. we've always thought if we had a boy, he'd be named after him, but we haven't had a boy yet. >> this is a dignified man, proud man, proud of the family, proud of -- hard working man. he's saying, to have to go through the process, slowly losing who i was was the hardest part. >> yes. >> he's referencing to grandma. making a connection to her.
10:49 am
i don't feel her on the other side so is she still here? >> yeah. >> nice. great. he's making a special connection to her. he's wanting it to be known, showing them dancing. he's acknowledging -- >> one of their first dates. >> acknowledging that they'll be able to dance again someday, and when it's her time to go, he'll be the first person to hold her hand and help her on the other side. there's reference to two girls. talking about -- since he's passed, clearly, so two girls. >> yeah. >> references to one, seeing him. there's an instant where he's sitting there and coming through and talking with them. little girl s babbling and looking behind you. it's him. connection to the youngest strongly. as far as children, he's referencing there is going to be a little boy that will be born. >> oh, my gosh. >> tears are a release. it's a healing process.
10:50 am
>> we loved him so much. >> of course. that love continues on. he's still around. he really is. >> i'm going to have to baby boy? >> there's the headline. >> tyler! >> we should point out how tyler does what he does. you hand him an object and you hold it in your hand. both jen and i want to say, when we first came up to tyler, we were both kind of spectacle. though we liked your show, we said, it's not going to work for us. i think we were equally surprised. especially just watching the buttons you were hitting with jenna. >> right. >> do you hear someone speaking to you? what is it? >> you know, i would say my sixth sense goes to the other side's senses. i generally see information, usually, but i can hear a voice, might get the scent of perfume or a physical sensation that corresponds with how one passed. >> skeptics can say, you'd find the information on the internet. >> google or whatever.
10:51 am
>> two of the things you said to me aren't found on the internet. one is you saw him on a roof. my grandpa fell off a roof. he was a house builder in midland, texas. and she was with babies my grandma had lost. how do you see? you see him on a roof? >> right. in this particular case, i had a vision of him and got a reference to a fall. seeing that, i saw him being at an older age working on a roof. that was the vision that came through. i had no idea i was reading either of you when i went into this. i was shocked when i saw who it was. >> i think the funny thing is, there were facts, again, talking about spectacles, but you can read online. other things you capture, which is the essence of someone. you talked about how funny my dad was. you thought, this is not something that you would google down and see. you also said in there, my sister majored in international relations and you said, who has been in international relations? i'm like, weird major. my sister. but the fact that you could pick up on details.
10:52 am
when i hugged you when we were done, you were sweaty. >> yes, very. >> what happens? is it like a physical thing? >> definitely can be. readings are different but it can be a physical process. it is draining sometimes, but when i'm connecting to an individual, because i take on physical symptoms, often of how they passed away, it can be physically draining so i sweat. >> i have to say, one of the things you've said privately is you do this because you get comfort. you give comfort for those who passed away. for me, you gave me great comfort. >> for me, too. i think when you started off, you said, i believe in god. i think everyone goes, okay. then everything else that comes is just from the -- so it's from the spirit. >> right. absolutely. i believe our loved ones are connected to us. when they come through, it's making that connection. >> i talked to my mom on the phone after we were done, and my mom is a stoic woman.
10:53 am
she felt so much relief. she said it was so sweet to hear. it's nice to know that the people that we love, you know, are still around. >> absolutely. the love continues on. that's really what this is all about. >> some people are speck klkept i called my mom and she said, it's on google. >> it's easy to be spectacle. >> you have to be in your presence. that's why i skeptic, sit down afterwards. >> congrats on season two. >> i know, i saw it coming. >> how many seasons do you have ahead of you? >> actually, i did see that coming. >> how? >> talk about our show. are we going to be cancelled? >> job security. we're fine. >> be sure to watch hollywood medium with tyler henry sunday nights at 10:00 eastern on e. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
it is time to reveal our wine bot results. remember, we were deciding on who was going to win the "bachelor." i picked jojo and you picked lauren. >> so sad for you. >> you won today. see who wins on tuesday. >> lauren b. will. i already talked to tyler about it. just kidding. katie lee
10:58 am
10:59 am
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